Grow Your Online Brand


Growing your online brand has become more and more importance as the internet increases its influence on our lives. When people can search for you online and find your profile on LinkedIn within seconds you really need to make sure you give a great first impression.

LinkedIn is the  best place to start if you are a professional or business owner. You need to make sure that you fill out your profile completely and try and get some recommendations from your clients or colleagues. You can also include multi media elements to show off your work.

It is also important to get your name and brand across other social networks particularly the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These platforms are very powerful so having a brand presence on them can be very beneficial. You can collect fans and followers on these websites along with the chance to link back to your own website.

Getting mentions in the press is another powerful way of growing your online brand. Being mentioned in a reputable news article will give you instant credibility and great exposure to your target market. You can submit articles to press release distribution sites or make personal contact with certain journalists who write for your industry. Along with the exposure you gain you will often get a link back to your website and it can also drive visitors to your social properties.